Download and run the Cygwin setup file.

Select Install from Internet.

Enter C:\cygwin as the Root Directory.

When you get to the package list, search for rxvt or mintty and click the word skip so that it changes to a version number.

Add any other packages you want. I always install at least these:

  • git
  • git-completion
  • git-gui
  • git-svn
  • gitk
  • mintty
  • openssh
  • procps-ng
  • rsync
  • rxvt
  • screen
  • unzip
  • vim
  • wget

Create a new file called C:\cygwin\rxvt.bat and add these contents.

Replace “Craig” with your user name. If you don’t like large fonts or Lucida Console, you can change that as well.

Create a desktop shortcut to C:\cygwin\rxvt.bat and change its icon to C:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe.

The default colors aren’t that great. You can copy my .bashrc, .dircolors, and .Xdefaults from my dotfiles github repository or you can create your own.