# Optional Git Configuration

Craig Motlin
Published 2024-05-30

This post is about one-time git configuration; commands that start with git config --global.

You can find my most recommended settings here.

These settings are a subset of my configuration that are a matter of taste. Each configuration has a comment explaining why I set it.

Even after running these commands, you may still want to copy from my .gitconfig since it includes comments.

# Diff

The histogram algorithm detects that lines containing just { and } occur often, so it deprioritizes aligning them and is better at aligning code.

git config --global diff.algorithm histogram

# Aliases

I've gathered a few aliases in my ~/.gitconfig that I rarely use, but I imagine I'll find a use for them one day.

	branches-with = for-each-ref --format='%(refname)' refs/heads/ --sort -committerdate --contains

    # https://gist.github.com/DuaelFr/5663854
	who = shortlog --summary --numbered --email --no-merges

	# Aggressive optimizations to save disk and time
	# https://github.com/GitAlias/gitalias/blob/master/gitalias.txt
	pruner = !git prune --expire=now && git reflog expire --expire-unreachable=now --rewrite --all
	repacker = repack -a -d -f --depth=300 --window=300 --window-memory=1g
	optimize = !git gc --aggressive && git pruner && git repacker && git prune-packed

	# Show most recent commit on each branch that isn't pushed
	# https://stackoverflow.com/a/3338774/
	unpushed = log --branches --not --remotes --simplify-by-decoration --decorate --oneline

	# Find when commit has been merged into branch
	# git find-merge <sha> <branch:-HEAD>
	# https://stackoverflow.com/a/30998048
	find-merge = "!sh -c 'commit=$0 && branch=${1:-HEAD} && (git rev-list $commit..$branch --ancestry-path | cat -n; git rev-list $commit..$branch --first-parent | cat -n) | sort -k2 -s | uniq -f1 -d | sort -n | tail -1 | cut -f2'"
	show-merge = "!sh -c 'merge=$(git find-merge $0 $1) && [ -n \"$merge\" ] && git show $merge'"

	find-merged = "!git branch --merge upstream/main --remote --list 'origin/*' | sed 's#origin/##'"
	delete-merged = "!git branch --merge upstream/main --remote --list 'origin/*' | sed 's#origin/##' | xargs git push --delete origin"

	# https://www.colinodell.com/blog/201803/four-useful-git-aliases
	children = "!bash -c 'c=${1:-HEAD}; set -- $(git rev-list --all --not \"$c\"^@ --children | grep $(git rev-parse \"$c\") ); shift; echo $1' -"

# Merge backups

I've never needed a backup of a file after merge.

git config --global merge.keepBackup false

# Merge conflicts

The merge.conflictStyle may be set to merge (default), diff3, or zdiff3.

"zdiff3", is similar to diff3 but removes matching lines on the two sides from the conflict region when those matching lines appear near either the beginning or end of a conflict region.

git config --global merge.conflictStyle zdiff3

# Pager

When commands like git status output more than a screenful, you have to scroll up to see the beginning by default. You can turn on a pager for one-off commands with git --paginate status, or set it globally.

If the value is boolean, turns on or off pagination of the output of a particular Git subcommand when writing to a tty. Otherwise, turns on pagination for the subcommand using the pager specified by the value of pager.. If --paginate or --no-pager is specified on the command line, it takes precedence over this option. To disable pagination for all commands, set core.pager or GIT_PAGER to cat.

git config --global pager.status true

# Comments

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