# IntelliJ postfix completions

Craig Motlin
Published 2022-11-06

IntelliJ’s postfix completions were announced in 2014 but remain relatively unknown. Postfix code completion helps reduce backward caret jumps as you write code. You use it as if you’re auto-completing a method name, but with the name of a postfix template.

Here are a few postfix completions I’ve added for Java. They are available for download here.

# Rethrow checked exception as runtime exception

Before: EXPR.rethrow

After: throw new RuntimeException(EXPR);

Applicable type: java.lang.Exception

# Adapt a collection with Eclipse Collections

Before: EXPR.adapt

After: org.eclipse.collections.impl.list.mutable.ListAdapter.adapt(EXPR)

Applicable type: java.util.List

In addition to ListAdapter, I have equivalent rules for SetAdapter, MapAdapter, and ArrayAdapter. Since each applies to a specific type, it’s not a problem for all 4 to share the same key “adapt”.

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